What We Do


ERD POWER offers an All-in-One solution; Design, Prototype and Production, all under the same roof.

Assistance needed in an existing design? We can help with additional components and/or redesign.


We offer value-added solutions based on Modular Components like Vicor, Cincon, Cosel and others.

We can turn the module into a Ready-to-Use Product, with your application in mind.


Besides the Specials and VAR, we can also Modify Ready-Made products, within the limits of the product certifications.

Modified Solutions offers you High Quality and Fast Delivery.

Target Market

Our products can be used in various configurations, designed to meet your needs.

Our target markets are Industrial, Military, Transportation, Communication, Medical, etc.

Interested to see what we can do for you?

Check out Services for some examples!

Our Work

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Value Added DC-DC Converter Based on the Vicor Maxi

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Cathodic Protection

Protecting Concrete from Decay

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Power Supplies

Our Custom Designs

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