Our History

Handelsonderneming ERD was founded in 1983 by Henk Roest and specialized in design of power supplies and DC/DC converters. Late in the eighties, with the expansion of power modules, VAR activities we’re introduced, accompanied by growing success with the application of these modules in demanding and more compact power solutions.

To keep up with demand and growth, a change was needed in the business structure. In the end of 2015 a new company was established; ERD POWER PRODUCTIONS BV.

At the present stage we can offer VAR (Value Added) solutions and Specials in the field of Power Supplies, DC/DC converters and Cathodic Protection, as well as solutions on EMC related issues. We mainly use Analogue High Frequency Techniques, with optional digital controls, therefore we offer solutions with a Higher Efficiency and thus Lower Heat Dissipation. All our solutions are designed, engineered and produced in our own control, therefore we can handle the entire process, focussing at Higher Quality, Lower Malfunction Rates and Faster Delivery.

In addition we can also modify standard products to meet our customers’ demands which does not require a VAR or Special.


We have over 30 years of experience in designing and producing power supplies and converters, both discreet and VAR.

Thanks to our extensive experience we can offer a new usable design within weeks using VAR, no more endless waiting on a viable solution.

We are used to big and small batches alike. We know sometimes there is no need for a big batch. We can also develop, produce and deliver custom solutions in smaller batches! Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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